Best Horror Films of The Century

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       The propose of horror movies is horror movies frighten audiences with scary and disturbing images that send shivers through the spines of the easily frightened. One well known movie that makes my heart jump to my throat is “Carrie” (1976). When I first began watching “Carrie”, I wondered why all the girls, including mean girl ring leader Chris Hargenson, in Carrie’s gym class are torturing Carrie all for the fact that Carrie got her first period. The only things that frightened me about Carrie her gift of telekinesis and esakting revenge on everyone at the senior prom after pigs blood was poured onto her. Revenge sometimes is never sweet, but in Carrie’s case, she got her revenge in the end and it was sweet.

       Vampires are one of the trademarks of the horror film genre. The master of all vampires is Count Dracula. There were different movies that depict the world famous folkloric vampire. My personal favorite vampire movie is “Dracula” (1931). Bela Lugosi is by far the most talented actor of the 1930’s. Being hungarian, Mr. Lugosi’s accent gave spice to his portrayal as Dracula. Many years later, his portrayal as Dracula is more liked by vampire lovers all over.

       Stage blood is used in horror films to give more terror into the film itself. Different black and white films use this kind of method. The Tingler (1959), which starred famous actor Vincent Price, is about a doctor (played by Price) discovering that the “tingling” of the spinal column is extreme fear that grows the “Tingler”. The Tingler is a spinal parasite-like creature that can kill the host it inhabits in. The only way that will destroy the Tingler is by blood-curdling screaming. The only part of the movie that uses blood was the hallucination scene where deaf-mute Martha Higgins is scared to death by her husband, Oliver, who used the discovery of the tingler to frighten her since she can’t scream. Though the movie was filmed in black and white, the “blood” was spliced into each print of the film. Once Mrs. HIggins runs to the bathroom for safety, to her horror she discovers the sink filling up with bright red blood. She turns around and sees the bath tub full of blood with a hand rising from it. Moment later, she dies for failing to extract a scream. It goes to show, if we can’t extract blood-curdling screams, fear will bring death to those who are too frightened to scream.

       Horror movies show what fear truley is. People like Carrie use the gift of telekinesis to exact revenge on their tormentors, hungarian actor Bela Lugosi brings folklore’s character Dracula to life, and creatures like the Tingler inhabit in the spines of the paranoid intend on killing them if they don’t scream. The horror movie genre will never die and will live on forever.


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