Israel's Disciplined Democracy : a Lesson Every Democracy Must Learn

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It must be more easy for people in a democracy to associate themselves with the concepts of freedom, liberty and equality than in countries with other forms of government. In that light, it is really amusing to know that in the middle east, with so many countries, only Israel is the true liberal democracy there.

Israel has been a nation of miracles. Within such a short span of time, it has achieved wonders. And it is truly amazing.

First of all, Israel was built by the people who survived one of the biggest massacres in history, the Holocaust as we know it. Jews from all over the world came to the place of their birth which was present day Israel and settled there

When the Arabs opposed their existence, it was waiting and watching. In 1948, the United Nations passed a resolution to solve the problem of the Jews and the Arabs in the middle east. It proposed the creation of 2 states, a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted it, hoping to live in peace with the Arabs. But the Arabs refused this resolution and attacked Israel as soon as it was created.

Israel faced the enemy without support from other countries. It was pitted against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Odd as it sounds, Israel repelled the attack from the invaders and protected itself. The Arabs attacked Israel again thrice and Israel was successful in repelling all of them.

Israel, which depended on foreign weapons and technology for the defence, developed their own weapons and systems. They became masters in the development of weapons. Their weapons were some of the best and countries all around the world started purchasing Israeli weapons. Even in the business of training soldiers for combat, Israel became the best. So great is their expertise in the field of training, that even Jordan, a once arch enemy of the Israelis, approached Israel to train its forces.

Their achievements does not extend only in the areas of security and military. Even in the economic fields, Israel has made leaps.

Within its 60 years of independence, it has turned the dry Negev desert into arable, productive farmland which feeds the population of Israel and still has a comfortable surplus for exports and in case of an emergency. You will find thousands of greenhouses and farmlands called “Kibbutz” where food is grown. Israel has the highest number per capita of scientists and engineers, it has the highest number of high-tech business start-ups, their spending on Research and Development per capita also is the highest in the world.

All that is possible only when you have a strong, stable government protecting the interests of the Israeli people. It is possible only when you have a government that is absolutely committed to providing people with good governance.

That is where Israel’s democracy comes in.

Israel’s democracy, like all other fields, is a model for other countries to follow. It is an ideal democracy which is committed to the people. I am aware of the fact that judging different democracies is not politically correct as there are various factors that determine a country and its democracy. But there are different variables in a democracy and some of these variables are very much in control of the people.

If you research well on Israel, you may find that the Israeli legislature is constantly at work. They are busy amending laws or bringing new ones in every field there is that needs a new legislation in place. They have laws for almost any problem there is. Lawmakers are not lazy. They are professional. This professional attitude is what lacks in many democracies today. Lawmakers are supposed to meet up more often and discuss much more. They are supposed to keep their political differences aside when they are making laws. Politics should come up only when you are forming a government, not when one is incumbent.

You may be wondering how on earth do you actually inculcate professionalism into law-making. It depends on the attitude of the law makers. Let us take another democracy as an example.

Let us take the example of India. Indian lawmakers are lazy to the core. The Indian parliament is quite unproductive. To begin with, the procedure to amend existing laws or introduce new laws is extremely long. There are times when the Indian parliament does not meet up for months on end. It is an absolutely sad state. It would have been faster only if the Indian lawmakers have a professional attitude in mind. But Indian lawmakers are notorious for being unprofessional.

Israeli lawmakers always have reform in their mind. They like to change things according to time to suit them. They are open to change. They want flexibility in their laws so that it can be convenient for the people. They want their people to freely pursue their dreams and ideas without facing exploitation.

On the other hand, many of India’s laws are outdated and do not match today’s needs. That is a reason why India’s growth and development is not that fast paced.

One of the most commendable aspects of Israeli legislation is the expertise and education of Israeli lawmakers. They are highly educated people with the education and competence for the high office they have been appointed for. Most Israeli lawmakers are fluent in English. Many of them carry a master’s degree or even higher in various disciplines. Many of them have received the best education abroad. They know what they are doing when they are making laws. When they debate about it, they get out the best of it. They make it meaningful. And meaningful debate is what matters the most. They don’t waste a lot of time.

Though this is a very questionable aspect to implement in all democracies considering the fact that you cannot just take every democratic leader there is and give him/her a master’s degree or above and make them fluent in English because of the fact that they are leaders. Nevertheless, I hope that soon everyone will have leaders that are competent and educated enough to handle the high office that they have been appointed for.

Another very commendable aspect of Israeli lawmakers is that they are very strong people. Israel has a compulsory draft system which means that after you turn 18 years old, you have to serve a mandatory term of at least 2 years in the Israeli Defence Forces. So many lawmakers are veterans of the IDF, some even serving in the Special Forces. They are not afraid of anything. They are gifted with the ability of making quick and calculated decisions. They make strong decisions which will shape the destiny of their country and make it better. They know how to take risks and do what is necessary in order to complete their mission.

With such people making laws for their country, how wouldn’t you find a strong and stable democracy?


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