Best Websites to Buy College Textbooks Online

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College textbooks are one of the biggest expenses for new and returning college students. Even after large semester tuition’s, college book costs can often equate to nearly the same amount which has prompted many students and websites to begin offering a better and cheaper alternative to buying directly from the college bookstore.

The following are a variety of websites to buy college textbooks online and find the best deal:

#1: Amazon

Amazon offers one of the largest range of products available online and because of so many businesses listing products. A great deal can be found when searching for college textbooks using Amazon. First, compare the new prices but always check the used book listings – these can often be where you find your college textbooks for a fraction of the cost!

#2: Chegg

Chegg offers college students a new way to save on textbooks: rent them! Each semester college books often change which drives up the cost for new students even though much of the information stays the same.

You can avoid paying these high costs by renting out your books through Chegg, returning them after the semester is over and never have to worry about whether or not you can sell back your outdated book at a later time.

#3: CampusBooks allows you to buy, rent or sell your new and used college textbooks. Claiming a whopping savings of 95% off your book costs, CampusBooks can help you save more than a few pennies when hunting down literature for your classes.

#4: CollegeSwapShop

Along the lines of the previously mentioned online textbook shops, CollegeSwapShop explains out in front an additional way you can save on your textbooks: swap them with other students.

Albeit your class still uses the same book, swapping your books can be a great way to save money and help out other students seeking out great deals.

#5: BookByte

BookByte doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the notion to saving money when buying college textbooks but its sleek interface and ease of use can help you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for without having to dig through tons of listings on other websites.

#6: Facebook Marketplace

What if you could leverage the largest social network to help you find books for your next class? That’s what the Facebook Marketplace can do for you! The Facebook Marketplace is quick to use and easy to understand plus, since you probably already have an account, you can contact the person directly to set up a sale.

#7: eBay

If you take the initiative to jump on an auction early before your class picks up, you can find a great steal by using eBay. Sure, you’re going to need an account and watch the auction but with so many people selling used college books you’re bound to find what you need at a great bargain.

Bonus Tip:

Through personal experience, it’s best to buy your books well before the semester actually starts. Much like any marketplace, the demand of a particular book will rise as the class reaches its starting date. If you have access to the books required for your class well in advance, take advantage of it by buying your college books before the rush and you’ll end up saving quite a bit more.


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