Where Do You Advertise?

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Outsell, Inc is the only research and advisory firm focused on the publishing and information industry, with offices in California, Massachusetts and London, which provides independent, fact-based analysis on competitors, markets, operational benchmarks, best practices, and in particular the recently published report that an estimated $ 412 billion was spent on marketing and advertising in 2008 in the U.S. alone and continues to grow.

Advertising is all about influence consumer behavior so that large and small businesses make more money. Estimates show that about 10 billion dollars was spent on advertising the different kinds of food and drinks for the American youth and children alone. How advertisers reach these consumers? That among these marketers use so that they will raise awareness and share of profits?

Television, being available in almost all American homes is one medium that advertisers typically use. Since the invention of television, TV commercials have become one of the most compelling, persuasive and popular mode of introduction of new products and sell them to consumers. Time of day that an advertisement is being played and popular TV station determine the cost of excluding commercial platu indossant produkta and expenses in making these commercials. Celebrity endorser for example gets about a million for a 30-second appearance in the commercial.

Other advertising medium is radio. Although it lacks the visual ability to attract the public a way to make television, radio, too, has gained popularity, especially in remote areas where television signals are wrong. Before the advent of television, radio, advertising, drama, comedy and variety shows dominate television. Radio commercials also got their share in promoting certain consumer goods.

With the advent of computers and the Internet, online advertising, using the Internet and World Wide Web has become a powerful in providing marketing and promotional strategies to attract customers. Internet advertising has become popular because it has no restrictions on time and geography, so at any time and anywhere in the service or product that is available for sale from all points of the world. However, because it allows unrestricted access, Internet raise some questions about privacy, as a highly-skilled professionals known as hackers use the Internet for their malicious intentions.

Billboards on the other hand, that change in the structural dimensions of strategically located along highways, roads, intersections, business areas and kind, where public attention is attracted because of its exciting and distinctive visual and witty lyrics, in particular the target of motorists and pedestrians. Usually in a few words and big, arresting images, they leave the mind of the reader, even for a short time, something about advertising that they passed.


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