London Vacations Don't Have To Be Expensive if You Are Clever Enough About It

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London vacations tend to be expensive. The city is well known as a real nightmare for anyone on a budget. Is there a way to experience the beauty, the tradition and all the charm of London without laying a finger on your savings though? Let’s look into how even week-long London vacations can be done at a price that can be far lower than you would ever associate with a city like London.

The most important thing you can do trying to budget your London holiday is to find the best low price on a flight. If you fly in the popular months for London vacations, you’ll pay higher prices. The thing though is that London is the cheapest city in Europe to fly to any time of the year. Fly in the low season after Christmas in the winter, and you can shave $1000 off the price of a round ticket. You’ll find that going directly to the airline websites and not to the discount airfare websites is the cheapest. The discount sites usually charge their own fees to add on top of what the airlines charge.

If you are going to Rome or even Amsterdam, you could probably plan on saving money on transportation by walking everywhere – those are cities that are small enough. London on the other hand is huge, and you’ll need to do a good bit of planning in advance to keep your transportation costs down. Any time you visit an area of London, you want to see everything there is to see there so that you don’t have to spend money visiting the area again. London is a complex city to take in, and a good way to save money on a trip is often to harvest as many tips and pieces of insider information as you can before leaving home. The website is your official source of London vacation information. They have tips on a list a mile long on the website on what kinds of shows to take in, what attractions to visit, where all the good and cheap shopping is and where to eat. Some websites like have great discount packages for London attractions put together.

Efficiency is the name of the game cutting down on the cost of your London vacation. The more time you save, the more you can pack into the time you are there. One of the best ways to save on time and the price of admission at several London attractions is to buy a London Pass on the website. It’ll even get you into the Tower of London to view the crown jewels and into other great London sights. It will get you on all of London’s public transportation for free too. A great way to save on a London Pass would be to buy it for only a couple of days and not a whole week as you are allowed to.

One of the worst ways to lose your hard-earned vacation money on a trip to London would be to pay to exchange your money at the wrong place. Carry US money and try to convert it at any Bureaux de Change and they’ll rob you blind. Instead, just take your ATM card or your credit card, and make withdrawals at ATM. You’ll get a much better exchange rate and no one’s going to charge you commissions that would qualify as highway robbery.


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