Pick March For an Ireland Tour – The Festivities of St. Patrick's Day Beckon

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As a general rule, the cost of travel to most kinds of places falls off right after Christmas. The weather is cold everywhere, and people just don’t want to travel, unless it’s to someplace warm. Northern Europe to be certain, isn’t a place that’s considered warm in the winter. But that’s a great time of year to time your Ireland tour. Because the Festival of St. Patrick’s Day falls right on March 17, and it’s a wonderfully colorful time to go.

The fact that you’re coming around this time makes your trip affordable. The other thing that makes it affordable is that the country is pretty small – no larger than the state of Wisconsin. In the limited space there, you get to see every beautiful contrast that Ireland has to offer at cose quarters – beautiful old world cities, busy little towns and villages and expansive hills and beautiful beaches. You’ll probably save quite a bit on airfare if you ignore the direct flights to Dublin and fly into London and take a connecting flight on a low-cost airline like a Ryanair. Flying to London is always cheaper than anywhere else in Europe.

Most other places you would go to, you have to worry about the expense of getting around. You’d usually hire a car for instance. In Ireland, everyone takes the Bus Eireann bus service. Buy a pass on the Buseireann.ie website in advance of your trip, and you can get on a bus and go anywhere you choose to your heart’s content. This allows you to just wing it once you’re there. Another thing about Ireland that takes well to winging it is finding a place to stay. Not only can you look up a nice traditional and bed-and-breakfast to stay in, most homes here are perfectly happy to open their doors to guests. All you need to do is to walk up to a stranger’s home and ask. Stick to a traditional B&B, and you can have a great Irish breakfast thrown in into the deal.

But the highlight of your Ireland tour is doubtless the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Make sure that you book your hotel rooms in advance if you’re traveling in the week around the festival. There are parades in cities like Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Dublin. They are the Carnaval of Northern Europe. An Ireland tour that doesn’t include St. Patrick’s Day can be plenty of fun too. Every city in Ireland is full of centuries-old castles and churches, and the cities are home to every modern entertainment option known to mankind. Make sure that you visit Dublin’s well-known Temple bar district where you’ll get to enjoy some of Ireland’s best folk musicians’ talents. The atmosphere is usually full with Guinness, music and Irish chatter, and it’ll really make your trip.


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