Garden Flowers to Look Gorgeous in a Vase

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Every time you go to the florist’s to buy a splash of color for your home, do you ever worry about the premium prices that flowers command? You could be forgiven for wondering if you could grow garden flowers at home for just this kind of purpose. They call it a cut flower garden, and it can be done. Not only will your wallet like it a lot better, the local wildlife, the birds and cute little insects will love your garden so much, it will light things up immeasurably.

So what garden flowers should you plant to be able to harvest some from time to time? For indoor floral arrangements, flowers that stay on their stems without withering away for as long as possible are usually your best investment. Some kinds of garden flowers would work better than others for these purposes. Consider the Zinnia. These are beautiful, elegant and tall flowers that make for great indoor flower arrangements. They grow to be at least 3 feet tall, and you usually need a good deal of vertical space for them. Zinnias come in all kinds of colors, and they love the sun. Consider the Blue Point Zinnia especially, for its particularly beautiful stems. They look great in a vase in any room.

If you want a garden meant for cut flowers, you really can’t do without roses. Long stemmed roses look great in a vase, and also are great to give people. The long-standing hybrid tea rose is your number one choice for garden flowers meant for harvest. You can also choose the Cajun Moon rose for long stemmed white roses, or the Chicago Peace Rose that is pink. As beautiful as roses are though, a real cut flower garden needs a good deal of variety. The Sea Lavender, is a staple of indoor flower arrangements. These are great flowers to have to add a touch of color to an arrangement. There are various varieties that come in pink or deep blue, and you really can’t do without them.

A cut flower garden is supposed to be all about indulging yourself in having a beautiful riot of color going on in your garden outside. It’s supposed to be a permanent flower arrangement right outside your window. What growing garden flowers is not supposed to be is stressful. Gardeners often pressure themselves that they need to grow every kind of flower they need for every kind of arrangement right there at home.. Some flowers just are difficult to grow. There’s nothing wrong in buying a few flowers from a florist to round out an arrangement from time to time. You could make up for it growing a few unusual flowers – the Scarlet Sage or the Sapphire Shower – in your garden.


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