Stranded/gloom/and Liars

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Help rescue me,

from the rough waves of the sea,

where I am lonely and stranded,

and my shouting is demanded.

Help rescue me,

from this deserted island,

where my soul is stranded,

and not one bird has landed.

Help rescue me,

with a bit of hope,

and a strong rope,

to lead me home.

I’m tired of being alone.


The darkness of the room,

brings about a dissappointing gloom.

Not one speck of light from the moon,

diminishes the everlasting doom.

Why must this gloom cover me with dispair?

Light cannot shine there.

Often it is too hard to bear.

Just can’t sit there and stare,

into the darkness of the room,

with no light from the moon,

and this depressing gloom.



I can read their eyes,

and see those tongues waggle,

their little white lies.

Oh! Does it hurt you to tell the truth?

Why must you keep eating of the bitter fruit?

For liars can lie with a twinkle in their eye,

but it is a known fact they cannot hide,

the truth that they lie.

For God sees all,

even the mighty and the small.

On judgement day it’s God’s righteous call.

So, remember when you tell those sweet little lies,

there is One that you cannot run from to hide.


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