Sunshine Valentine/and Weather/and Touch The Sky

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Sunshine Valentine

This is a poem for Valentine’s Day. Love poetry.

Romance is in the air,

like the blowing breeze.

Love is everywhere,

from the land to the sea.

Upon the earth the sunshine kisses,

the garden where rose petals glisten.

Hearts beat with a happy tune,

of valentine sunshine for me and you.

The symphony of love is soon revealed,

a valentine love is very real.

Sunshine valentine sparkle your gleeming rays,

shine them on my heart and never let them fade.


The tropical season is here,

it returns every year.

The sun shining rays upon my skin,

and the sea is warm for me to swim.

The sky above is bright,

no rain for miles in sight.

The hot weather,

brings about beach heather.

Blowing scents in the wind.

Summer begins,

a change in the weather,

and people gather together,

along the shore.

Touch the Sky

Control your fear,

and know where you are going,

from here.

Touch the raging sea,

and let the waters rise.

Touch the sky,

and open your eyes.

Let God take you there,

through the skies so fair.

Touch the desert sands,

and take God’s hand.

Sing prases to His name,

it means everything.

Touch the big wide open sky,

and let your praises rise.


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