It Isn’t Easy Keeping Your Weight Under Control After 40………

Everybody is facing this same change in there life where maintaining there correct

weight for height and age is getting harder to do.  We have to spend more time and

energy to meet this goal.  Both men and women go through a change in life in the middle years that affect our body shape. Women have to work a little harder to lose the extra weight later in life.  In order for us to lose weight after 40: (1) We have to improve our body chemistry at the hormone level; (2) Get better metabolic rates.

Our metabolism tends to slow down and what happens is we cannot eat like when

we were in our 20’s and 30’s.  We need to eat smaller meals and make sure we are

not eating pass 7:30 p.m.  We have to take control of what we are feeding our minds. If we have just eaten a full course meal then if our mind starts talking and tells you it is not full.  Do not listen to it.  Try and be strong and have willpower go and get a pack of nuts, or drink a bottled water.  You can start to get that part of your eating under control.

And we all need to raise our metabolism.  The higher the metabolic rate means you burn more fat, lose weight easier, and maintain ideal body weight more comfortably.  Do not skip breakfast this is one of the most important meals.  It helps the brain and body to jumpstart and get on the right course throughout your day.  Please try and reduce your sugar and fat intake it slows your metabolism.  It really fools you because you have a spike of energy and then all of a sudden you feel so tired quickly.  If you eat the right foods you can tell the difference in the way you feel.  You are more alert and have so much energy. 

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