Snowdrops/and Winter Nights/and The Winter's Chill/and Winter Scene/and Into The Night

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Snowdrops softly glow

Falling softly to the ground

Nipping at your nose

Winter Nights

Peaking through the frosted window,

at the softly falling snow.

In the fireplace,

the fire dances it’s light,

and spreads it’s shadows around the room,

and the light from the moon,

shines softly on the new fallen snow.

It’s a cold winter night,

with stars above shining bright.

The naked branches of the trees,

form with icicles all around,

spread their shadows on the ground.

Winter Scene

Footprints track the new fallen snow,

as I look from the frosted window.

Such a cool, cool winter scene,

so peaceful and serene.

The branches of the trees are bare.

Not one bird will reside there.

The fireplace warms the room,

the scent of pine’s sweet perfume,

and the light from the moon,

brings about a cool, cool winter scene,

so peaceful and serene.

The Winter’s Chill

A winter chill blankets the earth,

and brings with it a new birth,

of a season.

New fallen snow covers the ground,

as I hear a startling sound,

of a wolf hollering in the night,

under the golden moonlight.

Into the Night

Darkness is born into the night,

stars decorate the sky with their light.

Moonbeams glare through my window bright.

Hoot owls echo into the night,

as they take flight,

into the nght.

Campers gather around the camping site,

singing songs that echo into the night.

The cold wind blows,

as the walnuts roast,

over the open fire.


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