Picking The Right Stroller To Match Your Needs

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Before you decide which stroller is right for you you will find there’s wide variety of things you must consider. Consider what features you require and why.



Number of Seats

Car seat adapter

Easy fold

Sturdy frame

Umbrella style

Carriage style

Travel system






Not every strollers have got all of those features so what may appear like simple decisions to make at first can actually be a tricky compromise. Do you need to take the stroller jogging? Does the strollers need to fit through narrow doors? Will it fit into the trunk of the car? Will it include rain hoods and foot muffs, or is that an extra expense?

Adjustable handles makes it easier for taller parents, otherwise it can be a very painful experience pushing a stroller around that isn’t with the correct height to suit your needs. In the event the handles aren’t comfortable you can get pain in your hands following a long day’s pushing.

Always make sure that your wheels are able to swivel at the least 180 degrees if maneuverability in tight spaces is essential to you. Also if you would like take the stroller jogging it is best to think of buying a model that has pneumatic tires to obtain a smoother ride. A few of the higher priced strollers have ball bearing wheels which provides the smoothest ride of all.

How many seats do you require? If you’re expecting twins a double stroller is great for you. (the double jogging stroller may well be more suitable see below) Decide if you’ll need your babies side by side or one in front of the other. For those who have a toddler and are expecting another baby then a double stroller is perfect, since you can put both in a double stroller. One seat may be laid flat for the baby while the other can easily be a seat for your toddler.

What additional features do you need offered with your stroller? Some include rain hoods and cover, drinks holders and organizing sections to store all of your babies diapers, wipes and cream etc you may want if you are outdoors. These characteristics could be a little more expensive but might mean you don’t have to bring out your baby change bag with you everyday. The drinks and snack holders usually are removable.

There are a lot of light weight strollers on the market. These are particularly useful to change to from the large travel system you may have been using for your baby from birth. They are not suited to infants though because they don’t provide any support for their back and have nothing to keep them from falling forward. They collapse conveniently and may be carried under one arm.

You should have a look at jogging strollers if you plan to take your new child jogging with you when you participate in a little bit of exercise. It may be smart to invest in a double jogging stroller though because it enables you room to expand when you have your following child rather than requiring you to buy a new stroller. A double jogging stroller will allow you to take away the extra seat in order that it looks just like a single stroller, if it is designed to have one in front of the other.

If Fitness is important to you personally after your second child you may want to think about the double jogging stroller. It is just just like a double stroller but capable of being taken jogging. So that you can take your twins, or baby and toddler for a run in your double jogging stroller. It will always be more rugged when compared to a standard stroller so it will be fine to use it off road!


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