Cheap Europe Travel – Chic Rather Than Cheap

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Finding out how to make cheap Europe travel possible, you need to keep yourself armed with several pieces of knowledge – tips as it were. About the most important thing to help make travel in Europe cheap is the Eurailpass. They have many kinds of products, but basically, you get unlimited train travel in more than 20 European countries. You also get discounts on other modes of transportation getting around – the buses in some places, and even in some museums and hotels. Some people mistakenly think that just because they have a Eurail pass, they can just get on a train with no arrangements to make. That’s not strictly true. The pass entitles you to as many tickets as you want. It isn’t a ticket by itself though. If a train is full, you still can’t get on.

City passes are your other best bet for cheap Europe travel. A city pass like the one in London for instance, gives you access not only to local transportation, but also to all the major attractions in the city and the places surrounding it. The London Pass for instance gets you into the subway and bus system, but also into the Tower of London, the Windsor Castle and dozens of other places. You don’t even have to wait in line when you have one of these. While city passes let you use all the public transportation you want, your trip in general will be cheaper if you plan things. Plan ahead to visit all the attractions in one area when you go to that part of town. Once there, you can walk about from one attraction to the next, and save time and money.

Finding a place to stay and eating out are about the most expensive parts of traveling. Try to find hostels to stay in at IYHF or Hostelworld, and  you could really save a bundle . Many of them will even let you have a private room even if they are hostels. Just because you’re staying at a hoste,l doesn’t mean you’ll have to be bunked up with all kinds of strangers in cheap surroundings. This is Europe – it’s never cheap. Think chic instead. Hostels allow you to cook in the community kitchen if you don’t want to eat at the cafeteria (which is bound to be inexpensive anyway). All you need to do is go to a grocery store and pick up ingredients of a meal to bring back to the hostel.

If you want to find student discounts everywhere you go, apply for an international student identification card before you leave home. That’s the only kind of student card that’s recognized in Europe. Finally, make sure that you don’t lose a lot of money at the Bureaux de Change changing money. They usually charge horrendous commissions. Use your credit card or debit card to withdraw money at an ATM instead. These are tried and tested ways that make cheap Europe travel possible. All you need to do is take advantage of them.


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