Picking Great Bridesmaid Dresses That Can be Used Again

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You wouldn’t think it at first, but bridesmaid dresses happen to feature among every woman’s secret worst fears. Everyone hopes that their best friend will one day decide to get married, and have them be the bridesmaid. The fear part comes in when they reveal bridesmaid dresses that appear to be confections of baby pink poofy lace with bows all around that might look good on a two-year-old if anything. One wonders what kind of designer dreams these things up. If they didn’t make them, no bride would choose them for her bridesmaids. The bridesmaids all whine amongst themselves and promise each other that they would never do this come the day they get married. But somehow, they just do the same thing when they have the power to pick a dress for their bridesmaids. Reading this should help women think a little bit about the dilemma they place their best friends in when they pick something that their friends really would rather not be seen in public with.

Brides picking bridesmaids’ dresses don’t usually see what they are doing. They don’t really intend to pick a dress that the poor bridesmaid can never wear again. Somehow as hard as they try, they just end up with something with entirely too much lace, too much poofiness and too strong a color. Here are a few pointers every bride-to-be should keep in mind picking bridesmaid dresses.

The first thing to consider picking a flattering dress is the kind of skin tone and hair color the bridesmaids hvef. If the women intended to be bridesmaids have blonde hair and light skin, picking a something like peach or mild pink would only present a picture that is entirely too pale. Picking an intense color like deep blue, or a deep green usually goes best with women of any skin color or hair color. Black looks great any day.

As important as color is to not embarrassing your bridesmaids, so is dress design important. If you feel that a beautiful, slinky and clingy gown would look really classy at your wedding, think about what it’ll be like wearing that, for your friend who finds that all the weight she’s put on recently has gone to her bosom. She’ll just end up trying to hide every which way she can if you force her into such a gown. Instead, if you pick a classic gown style, it would look great, and it could be worn again. If some of your friends have been breast-feeding and haven’t managed to take the weight off after her recent pregnancy yet, a strapless gown may not be the thing for them. Remember, you want your friends to look good in the bridesmaid dresses you pick. If they don’t, it’ll just show up in  the wedding pictures you keep forever. Pick simple classic designs and classic colors, and you can’t go wrong.


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