Travel to Telok Chempedak, Kuantan, Pahang, Malayasia Travel Guide Series

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Telok Chempedak is by definition the most popular beach in Kuantan, a local hangout for young and old. The main beach stretches out for almost one full kilometer is an oasis of soft crackling white sand. The beach is only a three hour drive away from the center of Kuala Lumpur and makes it an ideal day tour.

Once the traveler has found its way to the Palace of Pahang in Kuantan, The palace is found opposite of the 18 hole golf course, he is only 5 minutes away from the famous Teluk Chempedak, or as the locals know it as TC.

From the palace drive up the hill and once the traveler has reached the top went the sea will show its full glory. On one side of the road a strip of little hotels, chalets, restaurants and shops appears in giving every guest a warm welcome.

Parking at Telok Chempedak is free and easy. The large car park, where cars can be parked all day for US$0.30 gives an easy access to the beach. It is a free parking where cars and motor bikes are scattered under the shade of the surrounding trees.

TelokChempedak Beach is among the best beaches close to Kuala Lumpur. Once arrived at the beach one can go to the left or to the right. The long sandy beach offers the opportunity for a good long stroll along the beach a great place to drift away in thoughts. The stroller cant get lost as the high rise rocks will stop you from venturing any further. To the left of Telok Chempedak beach is a wooden structure is build that brings the second more e\secluded beach within walking distance. The wooden walk way or board walk is an adventure by itself as it is often visited by monkeys which come out of the nearby jungle. There is even a third beach to be found but that requires some climbing skills to reach over the rocks.

Fast Food at the beach is part of daily life, a day at the beach without some fast food, would have been a wasted day, at least according to the locals. What would a crowded beach be without the 24 hours food chains as Mac Donalds and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), both offer drive through facilities. Seldom will visitors eat their burgers with more pleasure then just relaxing and watching the ships go by.

Souvenirs and local food can be found at a stretch along the TC boulevard. But Telok Chempedak offers more, a wide array of souvenirs shops and vendors for all sorts of local delicacies, All along the boulevard closer to the beach craftsman can be found, making portraits, balloon figures and handy craft items. In the evening often local entertainer come to the beach to impress the audience.

Surfing in Kuantan is possible in certain parts of the year, especially in the monsoon season surfers can be found at the beach. Waves can be quiet spectacular when there is an onland wind bringing them to the Kuantan shore line. A small surf school offers beginners the basics of the surfing sport. The small surf school can be crowded when the conditions are right.

Hotels in Kuantan are not in abundance, and are classy or budget, but nothing much in between. The Hiatt Regency Hotel in Kuantan located at Telok Chempedak is one of the most luxurious resorts found in this part of the world. The al fresco breakfast or lunch, afternoon tea or dinner is open for any visitor. Hotel guest have the option to enjoy the rest of this luxurious complex, where the pool and pool bar look out over the South China Sea

Telok Chempedak is definitely a good day out at the beach. Weekends and holidays can be busy but for the rest of the year during the day it is almost exclusive. At night the locals tend to come to the beach to feel the wind in their long hair.


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