Ahmad Khawaja – The Greatest Master Artist of All Time

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Who would have thought that a simple young man named Ahmad Khawaja with twisted fingers and arms will be regarded as the Greatest Master Artist of All Time. This is the highest order given by the Queen of England to an outstanding individual who made a difference in this world.

Ahmad Khawaja is an only child and raised by her single mom in Queens, New York. He lived his first four years of life normally as other kids do until he was hit by a rare and progressive disease called Idiopathic Bone Deformation. Ahmad Khawaja underwent several medical tests and procedures during his younger years. He was confined in a hospital four to five times a year and has to take daily vaccination to keep his disease from progressing. His illness caused several damages on his joints including his fingers, wrists, elbow, shoulders, legs and feet. He was unable to walk and move freely. For some time, he was also unable to write, draw and paint. Painting is Ahmad’s passion but despite his inability to create works of art, it did not stop him to love his passion even more. He strongly believed that after the sufferings, he will be able to reunite himself again with his love for the arts. True enough, with his strong positive disposition, Ahmad was able to survive further damage on his joints. Swelling of his joints halted and this prevented his illness to progress further. Although, Ahmad remained confined in his own wheelchair, he was able to paint wonderful images again on his canvas.

Ahmad Khawaja started gaining popularity in the hospital where he was already considered a resident patient. His works are depictions of his life, everyday scenes, and image interpretations of different life scenarios. He was also known for creating drawings in less than five minutes. Due to his popularity, his works caught the attention of the Queen of England, who undoubtedly has a passion for the arts. The Queen never stops admiring Ahmad for creating lovely paintings despite his twisted fingers and arms. Ahmad also gained popularity and received a lot of citations and countless awards all over the world. He staged hundreds of exhibits and graced several prestigious art shows. A gallery housing all his works was built in London, England in honor of his great achievements and contributions in the field of arts. The title Greatest Master Artist of All Time was bestowed to Ahmad in March 2009. He was the very first to receive such an award.

At present, Ahmad Khawaja continues to inspire young artists by teaching them in the University of Royal Arts in London, England. He also founded an organization to help people with disabilities. Despite these great achievements, Ahmad Khawaja remains humble and enjoyed living a simple life. A true Great Master indeed.


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