Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – Travel Guide Series

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PetronasTowers or the KLCC Towers, as they often are called by the locals, are a true monument of what a relatively small nation can achieve with will power, vision and architectural creativity.

Kuala Lumpurand with that Malaysia was lacking an iconic building, a building which would be sought all over the world. An architectural structure where people could dream, ponder and mesmerize the power of ingenuity. A statue which stood central in the Malaysian society and where  travelers from all over the world would come to appreciate, relax, enjoy and experience.

The History of the Petronas Towers goes back to the sixties and seventies when the first plans were draws for the building site. The plans for the Petraonas Towers were realized during the 1990 when Argentinean architect  Cesar Pelli was hired and he brought in a team of experts to build these colossal giant twin pillars. A building that would exceed any world expectations and would show the power of Malaysia as a nation to be reckoned with in the near future, a building that would show Malaysia’s attitude towards the business world and would attract visitors for many years to come. The Petronas towers would become the central needles of the Malaysia nation. The foundation for 1Malaysia.

Building the Petronas Towers has taken a few years and thousands of men working on this major construction site. From 1998 till 2004 the petronas Towers were the highest architecual structures in the world, still today they are the highest twin buildings in the world. With their 452 meters and 88 occupied floors a gigantic achievement. Nearly 40.000 tons of steel went into the construction and the outside of the towers is covered in a stainless steel heat protecting cover and laminated glass. The whole floor plan is based on 8 side Islamic forms and structures, even the pinnacles on each tower point towards the minarets on a mosque.

The Air Bridge is one of the ingenuitive features of the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers. From the air Bridge visitors get an amazing view of the city. This 170 meter high platform hanging between the two towers is a masterpiece by itself. Daily only 800 tickets are sold for the same amount of visitors.

Suria KLCC is whats shopping is all about. Suria KLCC is the shopping complex surrounding the Towers and offers six floors of endless shopping and dining facilities. All the shops are open seven days a week from 10 in the morning till ten at night. Large parking spaces are build underneath this mega structure.

The Petronas Towers the Malaysian capitol landmark, a true icon on the Malaysian horizon, for many years the highest towers in the entire world.


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