Business Sympathy Cards

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Business Sympathy Cards are Appropriate Expressions of Care for Those Who Work with Us and for Those with Whom We Do Business

Although in business we maintain a healthy distance between co-workers and ourselves, there are occasions in our co-worker’s lives when we are called, by our humanity, to be concerned with our co-worker’s personal life. These are the monumental events in their lives, their birthday, a marriage, a pregnancy, a serious illness, or a death in their family. Of the latter, we can be of some comfort and support to our co-worker. We can make ourselves or our companies available to help the bereaved in such things as transportation, meals, or funeral attendance. These are all appropriate acts of compassion from businesses and co-workers. To comfort and support our co-workers is in our humanity.

Often businesses and co-workers will send a bouquet of flowers. You can attach a sympathy card to the bouquet. Business sympathy cards are again an appropriate way to express our sympathy. It is not uncommon for the bereaved to receive several business sympathy cards, one from the business itself, one from the co-worker’s department, and several from workers close to the bereaved. These sympathy cards are signed by the appropriate people, the card from the business owner or CEO, the one from the department by the department head, the one from the co-worker’s unit signed by all the unit staff, and individual cards from close individual co-workers.

Businesses may also send sympathy cards to vendors and customers, especially if they have been a vendor or customer for a long time. The cards for vendors or customers should be carefully chosen. You do not want to appear as if you were using a death as an opportunity to curry favor. The operating principle here is sincerity. Don’t send a card that says the deceased will be sorely missed if your business has never had any dealing with the deceased. Select a card that sincerely expresses your sorrow for the bereaved.

Most greeting card manufacturers have a selection of business sympathy cards that have been carefully crafted to take into consideration the business relationship. You’ll find that these cards have a gentle artistry to them. Although some will contain poetry, you might find it more appropriate to select one that makes an elegant statement without sounding pretentious or overly dramatic. The card you pick should match the style of your business, but also your own heart. A business sympathy card is not a means of selling the co-worker on the value of your business.

You can find several business sympathy cards on the internet. The internet offers you a wide selection of business sympathy cards and you can shop for these at your leisure. You might have one of your more sensitive employees select the business sympathy card for the business, or someone who was a close friend of the bereaved. It is best to have the card delivered to the business and then sent from the business to the bereaved.

At a time of death, we all need some comfort. At a time of death, your co-worker, your trusty employee needs your support. Use business sympathy cards to tell  employees suffering a death in the family how much he or she means to you.


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