For A Healthy Diet…add Ginger

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Ginger root, which is native to Asia, has been considered to have medicinal qualities and has been in use for the last few centuries. The offical name for ginger is Zingiber. It is known for it’s spicy taste and is considered an important ingredient for a healthy lifestyle in many asian countries. globally, ginger is becoming more and more recognized for it’s health benefits. several herbal homemade remedies include ginger.

Ginger is useful in providing relief for conditions like asthma, migranes, infections and menstrual pain.

Below are some other benefits of ginger.

Lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease. It is commonly held among that Chinese that ginger improves the strength of your heart. Many countries use ginger oil to prevent and to treat heart disease.

Ginger reduces your cholesterol levels and can prevent blood clots.

Ginger is used to maintain respiratory health. Because of the expectorant qualities that ginger root and ginger oil contains, it is used to treat the the flu, common cold, persistant coughing and bronchitis. This is one of many reasons people believe that adding ginger is necessary for a healthy life.

Ginger is also very effective in removing mucus from the lungs and throat. That’s why Indians and other Asians include ginger in a lot of the teas they drink. It is now ackowledged worldwide that ginger and honey can really help treat respiratory issues.

Because of it’s carminative and antiseptic qualities ginger can help prevent and treat food poisoning. Some people also use it for getting rid of intestinal infections and bacterial dysentery.

Ginger helps to reduce vomiting or nausea. Researchers have found that ginger root and oil can reduce pregnancy related vomiting.

Researchers have also found powdered ginger to be quite powerful in treating ovarian cancer because it literaly kills the ovarian cancer cells.

It has been used to treat migraine headaches Researchers have found that ginger has a positive affect on the prostaglandin that helps to alleviate or prevent migraines.

It’s juice is very effective against dandruff and improves hair and scalp health.

It is believed that ginger oil can help relieve mental stress, depression, restlessness, dizziness and exhaustion.

As you can see above, ginger provides a tremendous amount of health benefits or a lot of health issues. It has been found to help with the treatment of migraines, respiratory issues, nausea, dandruff, cholesterol blood levels. I do encourage you to do more research on the benefits of ginger though. With all the great benefits that ginger provides there is a caveat though. If you are going into surgery in the near future, avoid ginger altogether.

With the ton of benefits that ginger offers, it is easy to see why it is important to add it to your healthy diet. Want to know more healthy diet tips? Then check out my blog at and enjoy and learn.


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