Video Capture Is An Exciting Feature Of The Digital Cameras

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Digital cameras have evolved a lot in the last some years and they have also become more inexpensive and have more features than before. It is not possible to give you a all encompassing feature list or complete advice on how to pick a digital camera, but here I will try to highlight one very well liked feature…video capture capability.

When your digital camera has the video capture feature, it is possible for you to capture low to middle quality of video clips with the device. Keep in mind that all the digital cameras with the video capture feature are not the same. Mentioned below are some points you must check prior to purchasing a digital camera with video capture:

Sound- Check if the digital camera supports sound and if it has the option does it do it by way of a built in microphone, or do you need to plug in an external microphone in the input socket available in the device.

Quality of video: You have to understand that there are two main things which determine the quality of the video and those are frames per second and resolution which is available in the digital camera. In a digital camera the higher resolution it has it will capture higher number of frames per second and this will also result in a higher video quality.

Format of the video which is created: You have to check what format is used for the video in the digital camera. Typically it is a regular simple to edit format, like the MPEG, but a few digital cameras may also make use of proprietary video formats, which basically means that it is not possible to edit the captured videos with all the editors. Windows Movie Maker, which is free software from Windows, is an excellent editor and can be used for many of the generic video formats.

Length of the video:  There are a few digital cameras which limit the video clips length and many times it is only for 30 seconds. This can be very frustrating and you must find this out before buying the camera. Better digital cameras will let you capture videos as long as there is memory available in the device. Then you also have the option of adding a bigger memory card if you want to capture much bigger video clips. Now you can get very high levels of memory cards.


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