Are You Planning On Spring Cleaning?

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With the warmer months on the way spring cleaning can’t be far away. You may be looking forward to clean up the winter clutter or maybe just make some changes in the décor; spring cleaning will help you do all that. This is an ideal time to clear up the garage, attic as well as the basement. In case there are some things which you are not planning to use, here are some suggestions which will help you eliminate them and also make money when you do it. We all are well aware that cleaning can be can be plenty of work but just some easy tips can help you do spring cleaning easily.

  • In case you are planning to store your winter clothes, you can do it in big plastic storage boxes which come with snap-on lids. You can buy them easily from the house hold department stores and they are not really expensive. Storage containers are a very good option to keep your clothes free of dust as well as discoloration, which can be an issue if you leave them hanging in your cupboard for a long time.

  • It is a good idea to roll the clothes rather than fold them when you are packing your clothes for storing. This helps to eliminate wrinkles and creases and you may not realize also saves plenty of space. It will allow you to fit many more clothes in the box when you use this method of packing.

  • Think of donating the clothes which you don’t use any more to any nonprofit organization or a local goodwill store. They will help the less-fortunate to get good cloths which they may not be able to afford.

  • If you want to remove some small things as well as holiday decorations to keep the new ones you can visit the local flea market. Most people there are looking for a good deal and you may find someone looking for what you don’t need any more. You may need to pay a setup fee, based on the location it can be $10 to $20.00 for a day. You can even sell them on online auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo.

  • When you make so many changes you can think of getting to a lightweight vacuum as you will find it much easier to use it. There is no point in completely tiring yourself while spring cleaning.


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