I Want To Choose And Clean Shower Curtains

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Shower curtains are mostly often the main focus in the bathroom.  You can get them in different kinds of designs, fabrics and styles to compliment the décor of your bathroom as well as home. They are available in a range from plain, graceful designs to exceptional and unusual patterns and colors. You will find that changing the curtain is the simplest and cheapest method to spruce up your bathroom. Just select the material and then get matching accessories to go with the furniture and the bathroom.

Selecting shower curtains- There are numerous choices for shower curtains and you can get prints from contemporary to traditional styles or anything else you are looking for. When you have picked up the fabric, choose the curtain rings and the rod. They will help to establish an attractive overall look of the bathroom without being expensive.

Waterproof fabric is the most common material used for making shower curtains such as PVC coated materials, nylon and vinyl. It is best as they are water resistant and that is what is required from the bathroom shower. In case you want to put a curtain which is not completely waterproof you can place a vinyl lining with the fancy curtain on the outside. This has best of both.

Cleaning shower curtains- I am sure most of you know that mold is an issue in the bathroom and the shower curtain is also prone to it.  Molds typically thrive in damp and warm surroundings like the shower. Mold is well known for triggering the symptoms of allergy and asthma. Other than that bacteria also grow if the shower curtain is dirty and this can become an issue for individuals who suffer from respiratory problems, elderly and young children. You can prevent illness by maintaining clean shower curtains.

Clean the shower curtain with specific cleaning solutions which have been formulated to kill mold. In fact you can wash it is the washing machine as they are generally washing machine friendly. Make sure by checking the cleaning instructions given for the shower curtain. You can use bleach and hot water to get rid of germs and mold. You can also wash the shower curtain with apply lemon juice and let it dry in the sun. The sun helps in killing mold.

When you have washed the shower curtain you must also ensure that they don’t get infested by germs and molds again. Keep the bathroom well ventilated and make use of the vent when you take a shower. You can try opening the window if there is no vent. 


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