Are You Interested In American Antique Furniture

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From the time I remember I had a fascination for American antique furniture more than any other thing. As I was growing up, we had an antique furniture store close by which specialized in American colonial furniture.  Most furniture stores owners would have hated the idea of an overactive little kid running around the store, this particular antique American furniture store owner welcomed me with affection but also with some words of caution. These people were genuine collectors, and in fact really liked to see a small kid taking so much interest in what they were passionate about. They kind of took me under their wing and even though I was very small began teaching me a lot. I learnt much about antiques as a general subject but was particularly educated in American antique furniture. I actually enjoyed every minute I spent there and I mean it.

Then with time as I grew up, I lost touch and forgot all about American antique furniture for some time. I had to leave for college, and I was not able to hang around this antique store from my childhood. I got engrossed in larger and exciting things and using the normal furniture which is used by most college students, items got from Target and IKEA. Even then I would enjoy often and on to go and visit the local antiques shops and spend some time just browsing through many of the different American antique furniture, appreciating all that I saw. It was a wonderful time for me to be able to indulge in my passion for  knowing more about American antique furniture, but there were times when I yearned for  the time I spent during my childhood days.

As soon I finished college, I soon decided to get married and settle down. I fell in love with a girl who loved me too and we jointly got a home. As it turned out she was an architecture fanatic and I left the matter related to designing the house to her. On the other hand she allowed me to indulge in my love for decoration. As it turned out the house which we occupied was filled completely with, you can very well guess…American antique furniture.  The sofa I have is from the last century, with dining room set of the American empire, as well as an antique coffee table as a TV stand. To tell you the truth it is indeed my dream home! 


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