Combining The Best Technology And Customer Care, The One-Touch Diabetes Meter is The Best Diabetes Meter Around

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A glucose meter measures the concentration of glucose in a person’s blood. Such measures are vital when you have diabetes. Diabetes is the consequence of the body’s failure to correctly maintain blood sugar levels. The norm for glucose level in the human body is between 82 and 110 mg/dl (milligrams/deciliter). When levels are above this norm on a persistent basis, damage to the nerves, kidneys, eyes, and heart may result over time. Persistent, above average glucose levels is called hyperglycemia, the cause of diabetes mellitus. Persistently low levels is called hypoglycemia. Symptoms of hypoglycemia are fatigue, weakness, mental languor, shaking, twitching, paleness, sweats, irritability, aggressiveness, and may result in black-outs. Monitoring glucose levels allows a person with diabetes to take the steps necessary to increase or reduce glucose levels before damage results. Monitoring requires a glucose testing device. To provide the best possible glucose monitoring device, the OneTouch(R) Diabetes Meter was created.

The One Touch(R) Diabetes meter is the glucose meter most recommended by health care providers among a vast array of competitors. OneTouch(R) has combined the latest meter technology with a care for meter users and their concerns to render the most user-friendly glucose meter available today. While assuring that their meters meet the highest standards of the industry, setting some of those standards themselves, OneTouch(R) has created a line of glucose meters that answers to a variety of user needs and styles.

The OneTouch(R) diabetes meter employs no-coding technology which alleviates the need for a user to enter a batch code for test strips. OneTouch(R) test strips require the least amount of blood to make a test, only about a micro liters worth. This eliminates possible user errors, errors that could have devastating consequences. Test strips for the OneTouch(R) diabetes meter are designed for easy handling and maximum reliability.

OneTouch(R) meters are contoured for easy and sure handling, with extra large LED screens to present readouts in an extra large font for ease of viewing. The readout is quick, occurring within 5 seconds. Models are shaped to allow for alternate site testing, which relives the user from having to constantly lance only the fingertips. Now the user can prick the forearm or the palms, areas that produce little or no pain at all. To complement this feature, OneTouch(R) lancets are made of ultra-fine needles, which will assure the least pain possible.

A OneTouch(R) diabetes meter may come with internal memory that holds previous tests results. The OneTouch(R) Ultra meter model, for instance, allows storage of 500 date and timestamped readings.

Catering to individual differences, OneTouch(R) glucose meters come in several different models. The most popular are the OneTouch(R)UltraMini Meter, the OneTouch(R) Ultra2 Meter, the OneTouch(R)UltraSmart, and the OneTouch(R)UltraLink. Each OneTouch(R) diabetes meter model consistently implements OneTouch(R) engineering while effectively incorporating the features that distinguish each  particular model from others.

Engineered to the highest standards, easy to use, attractively designed, a OneTouch(R) diabetes meter is the finest glucose meter available, and at an affordable price. To make obtaining a OneTouch(R) meter even more attractive, you may qualify to get one for free. Check into the OneTouch(R) glucose meter now and treat yourself to the best glucose meter available!


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