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Bukisa is Soon Becoming The Best Choice For Content Writers

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + has been around for quite some time now but until recently it was a second choice website for most content writers who preferred publishing with Associated Content to Bukisa. However, ever since Associated Content merged with Yahoo! and refused to pay non-US content writers, there has been an incessant exodus of former AC faithfuls to Bukisa. And Bukisa has been most intelligent in realizing this fact and has stepped up their game to become one of the major players in the Get Paid to Write scenario. Here is a look at some of the features which make Bukisa the best place to write for non US content writers in general and Asian content writers in particular:

  • Bukisa Editorial System

Initially, Bukisa did not have a review system and you could get away with publishing just about any crappy article on the site. Needless to say, it soon became a paradise for spammers and some black hat forum posters even claimed that you can publish PLR articles on Bukisa, which is a direct and explicit violation of their terms of service.

As a result, Bukisa has now (probably some time in 2010) has installed a review process where by each article is individually reviewed for spelling and formatting errors and other T & C violations before they are published. However, don’t fret  if your English skills are not great. Bukisa seldom screens content and grammatical errors.

  • Bukisa Author Compensation Policy

Bukisa started off as an Associated Content clone and their author compensation was based on page views. But Bukisa encountered 3 major issues with this set up:

  1. Many dishonest content writers were using URL rotators and similar stuff to inflate their page views.

  2. To curb losses, Bukisa significantly reduced the Bukisa Index (amount paid per 1000 Qualified Views) which caused discontent amongst the honest writers.

  3. Many people (myself included) firmly believed that Bukisa was actively shaving page views.

As remedy for all these issues Bukisa reverted to the classic and time tested earn per ad-click model. However, they kept in mind that a large number of its writers are from India and it is extremely difficult to get your Adsense account approved for people of that nationality. So they offered an alternative way for author’s without Adsense to finance their articles using Chitika, there by nudging Adsense only websites like Hubpages and Xomba out of the equation.

  • Other Facts Which Makes Bukisa Attractive to Authors
  1. Bukisa has a minimum word count requirement of 250 words which is very easy to meet.

  2. Bukisa is one of the very few publishers which syndicates duplicate content. Meaning you can republish articles from your blog or sites like Triond and earn some extra money from them.

  3. Bukisa offers tremendous flexibility and allows you to paste various types of scripts into your content. In this regard it is probably second only to Squidoo.


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