Looking For Lcd TV In Uk?

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It was just a few years back that people required a different screen or a monitor to watch movies, play video games, for watching TV and for using the computer. The times have changed now as one screen can be used for all the things.  If you have a LCD TV in the UK you can get a TV tuner which will allow you to use almost all your audio- visual and entertainment devices from the same place which will save you money as well as space. In case you are living in a small flat or a university room and have less space, you just need an LCD TV in the UK which has an inbuilt TV tuner.

Let me show you the versatility of a UK LCD TV with a TV tuner, you can put together the video from a DVD player, PS2, computer, Xbox 360 as well as cable TV in just one LCD monitor. It is also possible to watch TV in the picture-in-picture mode, and also continue working on your computer. You just have to change some buttons to start playing PS2 or an Xbox. When your game is over you can get back to the TV or to your work on the computer.

There are some important considerations as several regular LCD monitors only accept TV feeds through the proper cables and you may require a cable box or a converter to decode the digital-TV signals. When you have a UK LCD TV with a TV tuner can overcome such hurdles. When you have limitations of space and you have to find a place to place cable box, it is a good option to have a TV tuner in the television. When the tuner is inbuilt in the monitor, you will just require a single remote control.

You have to remember though that the LCD TV UK with a TV tuner typically cost around 20 percent over a monitor which does not have a TV tuner. You can buy a Sony MFM-HT75W, TV Tuner/Monitor UK version with a flat panel LCD monitor and a display of 17” widescreen. The model is HDTV capable with Digital S-video inputs and a remote control.

Sony MFM-HT95 TV Tuner/Monitor, UK version has a flat panel LCD monitor with a widescreen 19” display, with HDTV capability, SXGA display, Digital S-video inputs and a remote control. It will cost you about $720.


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