Backed by a World Renowned Firm, a Bayer Glucose Meter Can Be Trusted to Read Your Glucose Right Every Time!

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Bayer is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, known throughout Europe and the North Americas, mainly for its famous aspirin. Bayer also has a Diabetes Care division that staffs the finest in research and medical professionals, all dedicated to the development, production, and maintenance of a full line of Bayer glucose meter products. Bayer proudly claims to support the highest standards among all glucose meter producers for accurate glucose readings. Each Bayer glucose meter is assured to be of the highest quality, using the best in technology and quality assurance, each designed to reduce external variants that  can impact readings. Their glucose meter uses no-coding technology and eliminates interference of substances on the reading, including galactose and maltose, which are non-glucose sugars.

The no-coding technology of a Bayer glucose meter means that strips used with the meter do not have to be coded for the meter. Before no-coding technology, a batch of test strips came with a code that had to be entered into the meter so that the meter could correctly calibrate the reading for that batch of strips. Whenever humans have to enter data, a chance for error occurs. Errors can result in incorrect readings, and that could mean incorrect actions taken for the reading.  With no-coding test strips, the code is in the strip. The meter simply reads it from the strip and calibrates as required.

Bayer also does not use what is known as GDH-PQQ technology for its test strips, as many others do. Bayer has not been using such a technology since 2006, after the FDA advised against it because if did not give accurate readings, readings that tended on the high side. Bayer began using a technology that consistently produces accurate readings for each of its Bayer glucose meters. Bayer’s quick response to the advisory has gained the confidence of many diabetic patients and health care providers.

Bayer’s line-up of glucose meters cover the full range of needs for those with diabetes. Bayer’s CONTOUR meter uses no-coding technology and gives out a reading in 5 seconds. You can program in your own HI and LO settings and it will track and read out 7, 14, and 30 day averages. This Bayer glucose meter is a favorite among those with diabetes 2 and is used by those with diabetes 1 who do finger-stick testing. First time customers may obtain a free CONTOUR with 10 test stripes.

For those who use software to track their readings, the glucose meter that makes it easy to download is its CONTOUR USB model. The meter looks like a WIFI adapter, but with an OLED color display. It takes pre-meal and post-meal results, uses Bayer CONTOUR test strips, returns results in 5 seconds, and has a USB connection to plug into your computer. Of course, it is accompanied by Bayer’s GLUCOFACTS DELUXE diabetes management software.

Bayer’s BREEZE2 Meter is another favorite. It is similar to the CONTOUR, but instead of taking one strip at a time, it loads with a 10-test disc. This is even praised by the Arthritis Foundation. This glucose meter is very easy to use. It too, gives 5 second results.

There is even a glucose meter for children, the Bayer DIDGET(TM) Meter. This meter awards children with points that they can apply to their Nintendo DS(TM) games to open new levels and increase increase their points and buy Nintendo(TM) items. It plugs into a Nintendo DS(TM) or Nintendo DS(TM) system, opens up to gaming sites, and produces the same results as the CONTOUR.

Backed by the Bayer name, a Bayer glucose meter is one you can trust!


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