Backpacking Europe – a Wonderful Idea, As Long As You Don't Take It Too Literally

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Spring is right around the corner, and summer can’t be far behind. If you have been dreaming of backpacking Europe but never actually got around to it, you could conceivably make this the year you actually do it. If you plan far enough ahead, you might find a way to actually make it happen. Just think about it – it could well be one of the most culturally enlightening and the most exciting experiences you will ever undertake. Taking the backpacker’s route through Europe doesn’t have to be something you do just because you can’t afford anything better. You get to see the people of the land and experience what a country has to offer this way like you never could distancing yourself in a good hotel and car. Perhaps the best part of it all is that you are virtually guaranteed to come away with a bunch of wonderful experiences to share and tell people about to the end of time.

About the best way you can find a place to rest your head backpacking Europe is to get to know where all the hostels are. Websites like CouchSurfing and HospitalityClub tell you about homes in all parts of the world, that will open their doors to you and let you stay a night for free or sometimes for a small fee. You’ll probably want help from websites like BugEurope that give you a great deal of insight on what to expect traveling across Europe on foot or on the bus. Are you thinking that you could rent a car from time to time? Public transportation in Europe tends generally to be excellent. Not only will you not need a car, getting a car would be kind of against the spirit of backpacking. Finding your way around driving and finding places to park in the city can really take the fun out of your experience.

Some say that the best time backpacking Europe these days is in the winter. That’s because Europe is phenomenally popular as a tourist destination in the ‘in’ season, and it can be difficult to experience the character of Europe when there are a million tourists everywhere. Unless you travel very far north in Europe, most of the time, winters can be surprisingly temperate. The weather isn’t the only thing that takes away from a winter visit though. Many hotels and museums either close down or operate for only a small part of the day or week. Everything that is open is likely to be much cheaper in the winters though.

Covering long distances in Europe is surprisingly easy – everyone knows about the Eurail pass of course; even air travel within Europe is very inexpensive.

You could consider the idea that you don’t really need to take the ‘backpacking’ thing literally? That’s just something they used to do about 30 years ago. These days, you’d get by a lot easier with a suitcase instead of a big cumbersome bag. Make sure that you use BugEurope to plan far enough ahead. Plan to see everything you can in the region you’re in. You’ll need to do plenty of homework to not waste too much time going back and forth.


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