Stocking Your Business up With Wholesale Silver Jewelry

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If you were planning on setting up a silver jewelry boutique, where would you head for your line of supply? Certainly, you do have a vague idea that Asia is a great supplier in this area. But if you are looking for a more concrete idea of where to head for wholesale silver jewelry to stock your boutique on a regular basis, you need to read on.

As far as wholesale silver jewelry is concerned, there is quite no one region in the world that is so intensely focused on quality in silver as is Thailand. It’s been this way for more than a decade now, and if you head in to the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Show that’s held twice a year, you’ll be in for a stunning sight of sheer variety in wholesale silver jewelry just waiting to be picked up at unbelievable prices. The problem with setting your sights on an exposition such as this is that they only deal in quantity. If you are trying to stock up a small boutique, you’d rarely have the need to place an order for 100 units of any one design at a time. So where do you go if your needs exist in the wholesale realm, but you still don’t need anything on that scale? For that, you’ll find plenty of Thai wholesalers on the Internet who will easily advise you on the latest trends in wholesale silver jewelry, and sell in smaller quantities. These days, plain silver jewelry and stuff coated with rhodium happens to be the best selling variety.

You should find the quality stamp of 925 on most wholesale silver jewelry sourced from Asia. That marking denotes silver that is pureto 92.5%. Silver purity though is not all that determines the value of a piece of jewelry in the retail sphere. Silver with cubic zirconia or CZ sells better than any other variety these days. You need to determine the kind of CZ in use that you’ll be sourcing. If you aren’t careful, you could easily end up being sold low-quality CZ. You can’t expect to make a good go of your business selling once and forgetting about the value the purchase will offer a customer. Silver jewelry that keeps its shine is easily much more valuable than silver that becomes tarnished with exposure to the atmosphere over a period of time. Getting rhodium plated jewelry is the best choice there. Rhodium being an expensive metal though, finding good quality plating can be somewhat difficult. Importing your purchase can be the easy part. Most countries don’t even have an import duty, and any courier service will quickly deliver your purchase to your business address.


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