A Wheat Allergy. A Blessing in Disguise?

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Have you ever considered what it might be like to never be allowed some of the most delicious baked goods that everyone else takes for granted in their lives?In a world where wheat is a basic dietary staple everywhere you turn, it can be hard to swallow the fact that people can be allergic to this most fundamental of all the sources of nutrition that we have. It can be hard to adjust to a life where you have to find new ways to design a diet that supplies you with the nutrition you need without anything brought by way of wheat. If you have been diagnosed with an allergy to wheat, you can understand the the trouble you are in.  But you are in luck; even a few years ago, finding easy substitutes to anything without wheat was next to impossible. These days though, enough people have a problem with wheat that finding a lifestyle that goes with your problem can be quite simple if you live in an urban area.

Many people are wrongly diagnosed at first as having a wheat intolerance and not an allergy. These are two completely different things. A person who is allergic to wheat, or when they take a bite of bread or something, have an instantaneous reaction to it. Their eyes begin to water, they get a stomach ache and rashes all over. Sometimes, they could even have a hard time breathing. A person with a wheat intolerance or gluten intolerance as it is better known, has a much bigger problem to contend with. At least the person with a wheat allergy just has to avoid wheat and nothing else. A person with wheat intolerance has to avoid nearly everything.

So what kind of diet would a person with a wheat allergy need to sample to get around the problem? Usually it would mean opening your life to new and exotic foods that you otherwise would never think twice about – corn and brown rice being a couple of examples. You’ll still wants to not do without your pizzas and burgers; what do you do about that? There are plenty of recipes you’ll find on the Internet to use as substitutes for wheat in a homemade wheat allergy pizza. A wheat allergy can only limit to you as far as you allow it to. Come to think of it, wheat as a dietary staple is pretty much over-used as far as our food culture is concerned. A wheat allergy could be a blessing in disguise that helps you sample a lot more in fine dining than you would otherwise ever dream of.


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