Recycling For Birds! Save Your String And Prepare For Spring…

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Are you looking for ways to recycle? Do you enjoy observing birds during the nesting season? When robins fly north in the spring they will be looking for materials for creating nests. You can help your children learn to recycle now during the winter in anticipation of the robin’s return.       

Spring is nesting season for robins. When robins migrate north in the spring they will be looking for string to build their nests.

You can begin right now to collect string. Collect cotton string, unravel wool sweaters, ect. Help your children to save any kind of natural string.           

As the robins fly north your children can start hanging the string in bushes outside the window. If you are careful observers you will notice them flying away with the string.

Follow their path and you may find where they are building their nests. Don’t get too close or they will find a new spot to build.

Once the baby robins have fledged, take a look at the nest. You may see the string that you collected in the winter was incorporated into the robin’s nest. 

My children and I did this activity for years. Most seasons we were able to find our strings in at least one robin’s nest.

Robin in the Rain has dozens of more ideas for teaching about robins.


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