Say I Love You All Over Again.

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Do you remember when you were first married or fell in love, the infatuation?  With your new love, they were the center of your whole world. The highlight of your whole day, the reason you got up in the morning.  The hello kisses, and hugs.  The feel good feeling that got your blood pumping?

You may have thought it was enough to sustain a lifelong love affair.  It’s no secret that love is the most important aspect of any relationship. Love is the basic foundation on which any serious relationship is built.  Trust and Love go hand in hand.

Only the truth is, it takes hard work, more than most couples are willing to deal with. The deep affection for each other keeps couples together during happy times and binds them together in worse times.  Although life’s stresses take a
toll on many marriages then leads to divorce, don’t let this happen to you. Numerous challenges and demands, such as kids, careers, aging parents, make it very easy to neglect the relationship, which brought you together in the first
place.  But with commitment and serious belief in your relationship and the desire to stay married, it can be a lifelong
love affair.

Sometimes it takes extra time and major attention to keep the marriage new and alive.  Actively think about all the things you love about your mate, this could be anything, their laugh, smile, considerate etc.  Say I love you at the end of every phone call and at the end of every day, don’t just say it after a fight, say it when your mate is shaving, and say it when she is putting on her makeup. Actually, treat every time you see your mate as if it is the last time you will see them.

Remember there’s no such thing as to much love, don’t hold back make it a part of your daily life together.  Romance is not just the gesture, it is the thought.  Give thoughtful gifts, and most women appreciates a gift.  Pamper your
spouse, with dinner, foot massage, give them that shoulder to lean on when life takes its toll.  Be the best friend they
know you are. 

Intimacy in your marriage is, is there something you can do to spice it up, has it become boring and ho hum?  Share secrets, tell your mate you want to try something new, never put your mate down for sharing their deepest intimate
emotions.  Do you actually feel safe and comfortable with your mate?  If so share your soul, this mean opening up about things that have been off limits before.  Most of all is to be as attentive as you were in the beginning of the relationship.  The excitement of love is burning deep in your soul, if it is real let it out.

Discussions about relationship issues, if left unattended cause major problems in a marriage.  Don’t be negative, don’t correct your mate’s grammar, and don’t keep bringing up the past.  Don’t criticize your mate’s feelings.  Sometimes they will like something that you don’t it doesn’t make it right or wrong, this causes negative emotions that never heal.  Be honest as possible, without hurting your mate’s feelings. Dishonesty leads to anger and erodes the trust.  Put yourself in your mate’s shoes, think about your words before you say them, yes this is hard but it is something that needs to be done.

Basically if you can figure out what your mate wants, and how to be a great spouse, it will all come together.  Really listen to what you mate has to say.  Learn what pleases them the most and then go all the way with it.  Don’t be selfish and only look after your needs.  Asking questions can help, how can I be a better spouse?  Every answer to a basic question leads to a better relationship.  Boundaries and trust rank a high second in a relationship. If your ncomfortable, tell you mate, discuss it.  And most of all don’t bad mouth you spouse, it is easy to get in the habit of complaining, but the negative outcome will find you. Fixing problems at home, with your mate, talk about it, talk about it, and talk about it some more.

So if you talk, really communicate, this can hold a relationship together.  Say I love you and really mean it and say it often. Listen! It isn’t enough to be reading the newspaper or watching TV and be there, really listen.  Make Time for
each other, don’t go jump on the computer to check your e-mails when you first get home from work.  You have to grab as much time as you can in the busy, bustling world we live in.  Don’t forget to hug, touch, kiss, and keep your
relationship physical, with a connection. Most of all make your mate feel special; don’t be stingy with your love
and affection.

Doing things together, walking, and going to the gym, exercising at home.  The basics of life could be a long walk in the woods, nature and fresh air.  Learning something new, Volunteer, Play games, basically doing something fun together. Renewing your vows, and inviting all your friends, your children to share in your deep, passionate love affair. 

Say, I love you all over again!



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