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If you are looking for ways to earn money from your websites and blogs have you considered Chitika advertising and referral program? Adding a Chitika affiliate banner to your websites and blogs is a very easy way to make extra money.

Chitika is 100% Compatible with Google Adsense

Chitika is a pay-per-click advertising program which is free to join. The greatest benefit of Chitika is that it can be used in conjunction with Google Adsense to add another way to earn money from your websites and blogs. There is no conflict with Google Adsense because Chitika only serves non-contextual ads.

Chitika vs Google Adsense

Chitika claim a higher CTR (click through rate) in Chitika vs Adsense debates but I think you will have to try this for yourself. I have had good results with Chitika on the websites and blogs I have added a mega unit to. Whether the returns are slightly higher for Chitika ads or not the most important aspect in my book is that they both can form part of your blog monetization strategy.

Easy to Monetize Your Blogger Blog with ChitikaExample of a Chitika Ad Unit

Chitika is an easy way to make money from your Blogger blog and can yield good earnings depending on your traffic source and your blog topic. Technology and gadget blogs are a particularly good fit with Chitika.

Chitika has ads for all types of content particularly product-related including including automotive, finance, health, consumer electronics, news, sports, travel to name a few.

Chitika offers a wide range of ad unit sizes including its recently introduced mega ad unit 550×250. Chitika claim that the mega unit has a higher CTR than their other Premium units. I am currently trialling this unit to see how it performs.

Best Results Using Chitika

For best results with Chitika your Blogger blog needs to receive a significant portion of its visitors from USA and Canada as ads are only served to that traffic stream. In addition your US traffic has to arrive at your blog via a search engine. No ads are displayed to non-US traffic however an alternate ad (such as Google Adsense) can be displayed if the alternate URL feature is enabled. To get the most out of Chitika therefore your blog needs to be search engine optimized.

Chitika Referral Program

By adding a Chitika banner or two to your Blogger blog you can increase your websites and blog’s earning power and make extra money. For every Chitika publisher referral you make you will earn 10% of what your referrals earn. You are eligible to earn commissions for each referral for 15 months following each referral’s approval date.


In this article I have discussed the Chitika advertising and referral program and how it might be incorporated into your websites and blogs  so you can make extra money. I have explored some of the many advantages of signing up for Chitika. Why not sign up to Chitika today and start to earn extra money from your blog!!

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