Make Money From Your Twiiter And Facbook Accounts

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With the growth of twitter and facebook, making money opportunities on twitter and facebook start showing up, Mylikes appears to be one of the best in the market for that. Mylikes can give you the chance of making money on every tweet and post that you send through their website.

How it works?

The principle is very simple, you just need to send a tweet and post with ads from your account and then Mylikes counts the amount of clicks your tweet generate. You will receive from $0.04 to $0.30 per click, depending on the ad you choose, but you can always choose the highest pay per click and worldwide click, this program is becoming better and better every day so in the time you read this maybe the price per click as already rise up.

Create account

    * Starting making money with revtwt it’s very simple, just follow these simple steps:

    * Click here on mylikes;

    * Then click in “login”;

    * Fill the sign up form your email, choose a password, nick name and full name;

    * Click on sign up now;

    * Then sign in with your email and password;

    * Click on “Setting” top of the page ;

    * Click on “manage connected accounts”

    * Connect your twitter, blogger, facebook and many more accounts if you have only twitter or facebook account  then its ok.

How to start?

Starting earning money from mylikes its very simple:

    * just go to “home page” on the menu;

    * click on “See all sponsored campaigns for you”;

    * select your advertisement to post or tweet

Note: Watch out if advertisement is only for us or worldwide

Important notes

  You cannot click on your own ads;

  Bot and fraud clicks will not be counted;


  Easy to use;

  Small time wasting, it can be totally in auto-pilot;

  Nice conversions;

  Small minimum payout, only $2;

  Good price per click;

Small exercise

  Imagine that you have an account with 200 friends;

  You publish ads with the value of 15c a click;

  Every time you publish a post 10 of your friends click on it;

    So 10×15 = $1,50;

    If you publish 3 ads for day 1,50×3 = $4,50;

    In a month 4,50×30 = $135;

It’s a very nice income to do, almost without any work. This small exercise, just gives you an idea from what you can expect from mylikes, depending on your commitment with your audience and the number of friends it can convert better or worst. But the best it’s always see it yourself. Earning money with mylikes its possible so give it a try!

Click here for sign up!


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