Make Money With Locationary by Sharing Your Local Knowledge

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Locationary is the new GPT where you get paid for adding places and information about those places. By sharing your local knowledge you earn tickets and shares to currently earn cash money. What makes Locationary interesting, is that its like a global Yellow Pages, that pays you, and allows you to earn 50% of its revenue from businesses. When a place (business) pay Locationary $1,000 then you earn $500. If other people own some shares that $500 will be split depending how much percent of shares each person owns. This is an amazing way to raffle for tickets and prize money, and earn a lot more overtime when it goes out of beta.

How to get more revenue with your place?

1) Add more data to your pages. The more data you add, the higher up Locationary puts it as a Top Place and the Google will prioritize it in their system (because Top Places get more links to them and Google values pages based on how many links there are to it).

2) Put your user link (mine for example is:  out on the web where Google will find it (but don’t spam). Your user page has links to your places on it which will help increase its priority in Google system.

3) Put links to your place pages on other sites that refer to those places. I suggested Wikipedia if places you’ve added are referenced in their system. For example, on the Trump page in Wikipedia, you could link to the Trump hotel page on Locationary. I’m sure if you think about it, you’ll find other relevant sites that could link to Locationary’s places. Again, more links to your place pages means more Google traffic (and more ad revenue).

I already made 100 dollar + with this site. Good luck.

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