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Paid to click sites (PTC) means people will earn money for clicking the ads. Its new way to advertise the product. We all know that company spend millions of money on advertisement because their get notice by people which ultimately lead to sales. Now what is the idea behind paid to click sites, take an example: what you think yahoo, google, twitter, facebook and other websites gives you free account! No, now think whenever you open these websites you can see banners and pop-up which is an advertisement they are earning money from that ads.

Basic idea is that very few click that ads so their new and innovative idea design to force people to get click on that ads. So they introduce Paid To Click websites where user can signup and get paid for clicking.

Earning from clicking ads is very low but they give you money for referring others on that sites and you will get paid for referring your friends, family and other people. They will assign you a special referring link which is unique and you will use this link for referring people.

One more thing, initially your earning will very low, don’t get frustrate because every business needs time to settle and earn good money.

You don’t have to work 5-6 hours in a day just 10-15 minutes in a day on these two websites. Each website will take only 5-8 minutes to complete the work.

Here I am presenting paid to click sites, I am already working on this sites and got payment:

How to get more refferal ?

Never buy refferal from this paid to click websites because its not worth. They will rent refferal on time basis and you cannot even get your invested amount so dont ever try to buy refferals.

You will get refferal by marketing, you can tell your friends and family about this websites if they are ready to earn online then join them under you by providing them your refferal links.


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