Stargate Sg-1: The Fourth Horseman Part 2

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Stargate SG-1: The Fourth Horseman Part 2 thankfully ends the recurring role of Gerak, as played by Lou Gossett.  Now I like Gossett.  He was fantastic in the Roots saga, and he was actually in an early revolutionary series that I love called The Young Rebels.  When I heard he was going to be on SG-1, I was happy.

Happiness turned into ‘get him out of here’ pretty darn fast.  He just didn’t have any spark as Gerak.  He obviously had no understanding of the Jaffa, and he couldn’t even pronounce the terminology right.  I was so disappointed.

That’s why when his fate is reached in this hour, I was pretty glad.  He just bored me beyond belief.

Once again, much of the highlight for me is in watching Beau Bridges and Lexa Doig who play father and daughter in the series.  Their dynamic is wonderful, with good emotion and progression.  Both brought uniqueness to their characters, and it made them successful in their replacement of past beloved characters (Hammond and Fraiser).

On the whole, The Fourth Horseman Part 2 does have good moments. If it weren’t for the crap of Jack-clone (that would be Cameron Mitchell), it would have been even better.


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