Stargate Sg-1: The Fourth Horseman Part 1

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Stargate SG-1: The Fourth Horseman Part 1 is very dramatic and had a few good moments within its hour showing.  However, there were also some things I just didn’t buy into.

For example, Daniel is playing basketball again as if he always had.  It isn’t believable.  It works for Michael Shanks, the actor, but not for Daniel the archaeologist.

Countering that is the return of Don S. Davis as the much beloved General Hammond.  Actually, it’s just a short scene and there’s no interaction with any of the regulars.  Davis actually was a last minute sub for the actual U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff who had real life interfere and prevent him from filming the scene he was originally scheduled to shoot.

I hate anything Ori, but I did like watching Lexa Doig (aka Mrs. Michael ‘Daniel Jackson’ Shanks) as Carolyn Lam.  She’s not Teryl Rothery, who was killed off as Janet in season 7, but Doig made Lam very different and it worked, unlike other replacement characters.

Lam was part of the plague portion of the show where the Ori were doing their thing to kill off the universe.  This creates a lot of havoc, of course.

Overall, this first part wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, either.


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