Bringing The Satellite World To The Finger Tips

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It is the Holy Book that says several thousands of years ago that as the world moves to its ecliptic end, knowledge and wisdom are bound to increase and what the humanity has been witnessing since the last industrial revolution that nearly shook the entire human race to its very foundation cannot be said to be out of place. At a point the popularly acclaimed explorers at that time were not all that sure of the veritable geographical dimension of the universe itself until the great man of knowledge; Atlas came into the scene of the then comity of philosophers. It was he that mooted the idea of shaking the world if he was given a place to stand. So right from that time, the idea of bringing this great terrestrial divide to the finger tips of humanity left the crude shores of vivid imagination.

It is on record that some years before the revolution, Nikolas Tesla, the United States electrical engineer (born in Croatia but of Serbian descent) discovered the principles of alternating currents and with Gueglino Marconi, sent the first radio signal in 1895 and since then the gadgets has undergone many interesting transformation. Thanks to these two great persons of wisdom and knowledge, the world now has different forms of radio: box-like contraption of the 1930s to 1980s, portable transistors, mobile phone radio and lately the battery operated satellite radio.

Although there is, up till today, so much controversy over who invented television, it is very much believed that John Logie Baird, a Scot, living in England is recognized as the first person to publicly demonstrate the utility of the gadget in March 1925. As he called it, the “televisor” showed images being run via electrical signal.  Others that came after him have been doing one thing or the other over that invention and until the late 1970s, what was in vogue then,  the black and white contraption became a household necessity until the color gadgets appeared in the public scene in the early 1980s. Today, you can watch television programs not only on laptop computer but also on your mobile phone.

When it comes to the Satellite, “Sputnik”, the first man made gadget destined for the orbit was a 183 pound, 22 inch sphere launched by Russia on October 4, 1957. According to the records, the object was not invented truly by any human person but as a result of long and tedious efforts by many scientists and technologists of that country. I remember vividly that when it was launched into the space at that time, many sub-Saharan nations including Nigeria suffered so much from influenza that sent so many people to their early graves  as its inevitable side effect, but today with the improvement on the invention, it is now put to best form of utility for sustainable development in the area of security, information, education, science and technology without the use of which the world would not have been different from what it was during the stone ages.

 It may interest you that right now, all these inventions are now rolled into one to make life easier and better to the human race. Can you imagine the possibility of watching over 3,000 television stations on your computer or laptop from anywhere in the world at the cost of a few movie tickets, this is, by the way, a peanut as compared to what satellite and cable services can cost you month after month over many years. Once you register for a token fee you just download the software and start watching your favorites programs worldwide. For more on this wonderful process, just visit  for more details.


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