Stargate Sg-1: Prototype

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Here’s the thing.  Stargate SG-1: Prototype has some good drama in it.  For a 9th season show, it’s interesting and even intriguing.  I like it, except for one very big, glaring, huge, gigantic issue, and that is the position put forth by Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) as respects to what turns out to be the cloned son of Anubis.

Now there is some fun early on.  When exploring this underground chamber where the clone is discovered, Mtichell presses a button, prompting Daniel to quickly run over and chastise, “New Guy!”  It’s really funny; again, though, it’s actually a shift in Daniel’s behavior that is unnerving.

The big problem scene is a briefing during which Daniel questions whether or not they should allow the clone to live.  It was a shocking moment.  It’s the kind that makes you shake your head.  This is not the Daniel Jackson fans know and love.  It’s an imposter.

The resolution continues this slide downward.  There is just no way Daniel would murder so easily and callously.  Jack O’Neill would punch out Cameron Mitchell if he knew about this set up.

What was happening is that Shanks was starting to let Daniel be more like Shanks than like Daniel.  I adore Shanks, but I’ve said many times, he made a bad move and took the easy way out of boredom.


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