Stargate Sg-1: The Powers That Be

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Stargate SG-1: The Powers That Be just isn’t a show for me.  There’s just way too much of Claudia Black’s trampy Vala character.  It’s distasteful and unpleasant and ruined the series big time.

The plot has SG-1 going to a planet at Vala’s behest. It’s a place she ruled over once when she a host to a Goa’uld. It’s really a shame that she got saved.  I can say that since she’s fictional.

A plague ends up threatening the people of this planet.  Again, it’s too bad Vala didn’t get it and die.  Life would have been so much more pleasant it she had.

In truth, about the only decent portion of the episode was the interaction between Carolyn Lam and General Landry.  The two are father and daughter, and I did enjoy watching them.  I also liked the little bit between Lam and Mitchell.  At one point, the show was going to do a little past romance thing there, but I think it got derailed for a couple of reasons and all they did were a few subtle hints, but nothing ever developed to flesh it out.

These first several episodes of SG-1 from this 9th season are really hard to get through.  It’s just a no-go from what once was.


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