Top Ten Photography Tips

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When taking a Photograph there are ten key things you need to remember:

1. Learn how to see light. This is all about finding the contrasts and highlights in the scene so that you can set your expose accordingly to what you see.

2. Create a sense of Depth & Dimension. We see in 3D but your camera only sees it in 2D so try to create a sense of depth by using Foreground, Mid ground and Background.
3. Take a walk. When you get on site have a walk around look around your subject and try to find the best angle possible. Remember to take your time doing this.

4. Always look down, back and up. Don’t rush getting o your final location. just take your time and you may even take a better picture than you take and your destination.

5. Tell the Whole Story

Take wide pictures, take narrow pictures and even close up ones of detail. Photographers are story tellers!

6. Frame it. Shoot your picture through a whole in a rock or a gap in the trees. This will make your picture much more interesting to look at!

7. Be aware of the background. This can make or break a picture. You don’t want to have something sticking out of the top of someone head!

8. Fill the frame. Don’t leave any dead space such as sky or ground, zoom right up in on your subject and leave hings out that don’t add to your picture.
9. RAW rules. When you shoot a Jpeg file much of the information is thrown away. The RAW file retains all the information makeing it easy to edit later on.
10. Envision the end result. Remember that you can edit photos after you have taken then so don’t just not take the picture because the colours don’t work because you can just make it black and white later.

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