Stargate Sg-1: Red Sky

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Stargate SG-1: Red Sky is one of my favorite shows from the series, and certainly for its 5th season.  It stands out for very many reasons, including the progression of the Jack O’Neill character.  Go back and watch Scorched Earth from season 4 and then watch this one.  There is a noticeable difference in how Jack responds.  He listens here; he didn’t there.

I really love the Jack and Daniel back and forth that occurs in this hour.  Their scenes when they try to talk to the residents of the planet are really good.  Jack getting up on his soap box was a hoot.

Red Sky’s worst thing is that Sam gets let off the hook again.  The powers that be made her into Super Sam and even when she goofs up, like she did here, she never gets held accountable.  Everyone just lets her off the hook.  Fans were beginning to hate Sam.

The resolution is interesting because viewers are left guessing as to the cause of the ending.  I like that mystical quality that it gives us.

The episode was dramatic, and I truly enjoy watching this show often.  One thing to watch and listen for is the scene when Jack talks to the “little gray butts” aka: the Asgard.


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