Ten Suggestions For Preventing Acne

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Acne need not upset you. More than 60% of the population have this problem and are troubled by the blackheads and pimples. With some of the following simple ways of treatment you can keep this outbreak controlled, reduce the possibility of scarring and lessen the greasy shiny look on your face.

What is acne?

Acne is only a visible outburst of hormonal, bacterial and inflammatory disturbances in the body. Blocked pores trap oil produced by our sebaceous glands, creating an ideal environment for the bacteria that cause acne. Inflammation on the face appears in the shape of pimples or deeper lumps.

Prevention is better than cure. You can prevent acne by following some tips.

1) Exercise is necessary prevention

Modern lifestyle lacks exercises. Exercise is good for avoiding acne since it increases blood circulation. When you are exercising, the perspiration brings out the clogged toxins.

2) Avoid cosmetics during exercises

Wearing cosmetics or moisturizers during exercises will restrict free flow of perspiration since they clog the pores. Sweatbands also hold perspiration and oil against the skin and clog the perspiration pores.

3) Keep your hair off your face

When your hair falls on your face, you add the problem of clogging, since the scalp oil may smear on your face. Hence hair products that are oily or greasy may be avoided for this reason.

4) Do not expose yourself to sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun or sunlamps may dry acne but it can result in a whole host of new problems such as damaged leathery skin and even skin cancer.

5) Beware of saunas and steam baths

You have to be very careful in using saunas or steam baths since they may aggravate the condition of acne on your face. They may not suit the natural heat and humidity. But keep your skin clean and remove excess oil frequently to assist prevention of acne breakout.

6) Stress makes acne worse

Stress makes the condition of acne worse and so avoid all situations that cause you stress. Keep your emotions under control. Practicing relaxation techniques and meditation exercises will help you very much in keeping your emotions under control.

7) Application of neem and turmeric mix

This has been a very successful ancient remedy of Indian medicinal systems. Application of a fine paste of turmeric powder with neem leaves has been a healthy treatment. It can be washed with lukewarm water after 20n or 30 minutes. This application has been a prevention as well as treatment for acne.

8) Sandal and turmeric paste

This is suggested by the ancient Tamil literatures written 2,000 years ago for maintaining face beautifully. This is also a treatment for acne. Take half teaspoon of sandalwood and turmeric powder and mix them in a little water into a good paste. Apply this paste on face and body. This gives beauty and also cures acne if you have.

9) Use of anti-bacterial lotions

Acne cleanser removes accumulated oil and sweat that cause inflammation. Anti-bacterial lotions dry the skin and treats oily acne-prone skin. Water based products are better for faces wearing make up.

10) Consult a dermatologist

If the condition of your acne is worse, do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist who can guide you to treat your acne and also help you to keep your skin healthy. 


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