Stargate Sg-1: The Ark of Truth

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Stargate SG-1 had just finished a decade’s worth of episodes when they made this direct to DVD movie to conclude the story of the last two seasons.  Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to like it because I hate the Ori plot that was the essence of the 9th and 10th seasons; plus, I abhor the Vala mal Doran character.  She’s a tramp and never belonged at Stargate Command, let alone on the flagship team.

That said, I was stunned when I actually enjoyed this movie.  Vala’s stuff was toned down with virtually no innuendo that I detested so much.  That helped a lot because it let me focus on the movie and not all the yuckiness surrounding this character.

The cinematography was terrific.  I loved the beauty of the area and the way it was filmed.  Even the music was excellent.  The script did tie up all of the loose ends and gave fans a nice, neat ending.

The very last scene was classic SG-1.  It just made me sad that Richard Dean Anderson wasn’t a part of this project.  Had he been in this finale moment, life would have been extra good.  We were taken back to the essence of SG-1 in many ways in this movie.  I liked it.


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