Six Exciting Tips To Boost Fun During Kenya Safari Holidays

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To explore Africa’s breathtaking flora and fauna, safaris in Kenya are an ideal way.  Your trip will be the experience of a lifetime when roaming near elephants and lions and see diving with dolphins, exploring the country’s beautiful natural scenery. There is so much to explore in Kenya therefore to-do list during Kenya safari holidays possibly will take a long time stay. You can find out some exciting things to do on a Kenya safari with the following guide help.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya

Mt Kilimanjaro is a latent volcano located in northeastern Tanzania, near the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Enjoy the breathtaking view of vast landscape. Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most interesting places in Africa, because it is the highest point in Africa that is offers a hard climb. The authorities charge a fee for each day on the mountain.


In Kenya is a number of golf courses like Windsor Golf Club and Country Club are the two acclaimed golf courses in Kenya. That is the interesting part of Africa safari holidays is playing golf in Africa. The Indian Ocean is always a fun to playing in vast courses stretched along the silvery beaches. Particularly Europe and the United States, it is pretty cheap as compared to countries in other parts of the world what makes the play more exciting is that.

Bird Watching

Kenya is one of the few places in Africa where you can spend weeks to observe birds. East Africa is considered the world’s best birding area. Pink Flamingos, Hammerkops, iridescent kingfishers, geese, cranes, African Fish Eagle and Jacanas are some places in Kenya where you can go for bird watching. There are a number of tour operators who pay special birding tour on the trail of safari vacation in Kenya.

Helicopter Safari

Helicopter safaris of Kenya are a blessing to a photography lover therefore Pilots must have considerable experience and be well-trained to fly in extreme situations. Helicopter safaris allow you to explore the uncharted territories of Kenya. You should make sure the helicopter has a satellite telephone and adequate medical facilities. Through Helicopter safaris you can watch the grand Rift valley and enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Bogoria. During Kenya safari holidays, you get to capture the lush green landscapes, volcano outcrops, and golden beaches of the Indian Ocean.  


Cycling through the peaks of Mount Kenya gives you the opportunity to see the active side of the country. You can also rent a bicycle in Kenya. This action makes for a Kenya safari holiday. Begin your journey to Hell’s Gate National Park and little known by the old bike tubes, lava and rocks of different colors of the mountain as Longonot and Mt. Suswan.

Hot Balloon Safaris

You can enjoy the gentle breeze and mild while watching the activities of wild animals through hot balloon. You can take a balloon ride to see the scenic beauty of the famous game park in Maasai Mara. Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers and bring a jacket to protect air cooling. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture panoramic views of the Park games and activities for your desert.

For everyone Kenya safari holidays of course, a memorable experience. There is much worth exploring in Kenya as bird watching, trekking and mountaineering helicopter ride.


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