How The Web Works

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The Web is a world of information available at the click of a mouse. And is used by many people all around the world. It is used for many things. You can chat,gain knowledge or use it just for the pleasure of entertainment. People can download songs,movies,E-books,text,photos,animation and many information that they would like to have.There is no limit to what you can discover. And once you have learned to browse the web,you will never feel like stopping. But to access the Web you need to have a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Web pages are written in a computer language called Hypertext Markup Language or (HTML).

All the information that is transmitted across the internet in small units of data are called packets.The Internet backbone is made up of many large networks which interconnect with each other. These large networks are known as Network Service Providers or NSPs. Some of the large NSPs are UUNet, CerfNet, IBM and so on.

 The internet Access falls into three broad categories: dedicated, dial-up, and wireless. With dedicated access, a subscriber’s computer remains directly connected to the Internet at all times through a permanent, physical connection.

 A  small businesses or individuals that desire dedicated access choose technologies such as digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable modems, which both use existing wiring to lower cost. A DSL sends data across the same wires that a telephone  service uses, and cable modems use the same wiring that  a cable television uses. Another less popular is the satalite internet access.

 The most least expensive is the Dial-up,but it is also the least convenient. To use dial-up access, a subscriber must have a telephone modem, a device that connects a computer to the telephone system and is capable of converting data into sounds and sounds back into data. The user’s ISP provides software that controls the modem.



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