Stargate Sg-1: Rite of Passage

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Stargate SG-1: Rite of Passage, a season five show, is pretty good.  It’s a vehicle for Teryl Rothery in large part.  The show focuses on Rothery’s Janet Fraiser character as she responds to the changes and crisis that surrounds her adopted alien daughter,  Cassandra.

It’s been a while since Cassandra was last scene.  Unfortunately, the original actress couldn’t do the show, so they brought in the gal who had appeared in the Bane episode.  She was okay, but I prefer the original actress.

Viewers get to see Janet at home for the first time and really, it’s the first time we’ve seen her as a mom.  That was interesting and even fun.

The opening scene at Janet’s house is so much fun to watch.  It’s Cassandra’s birthday and Sam is there, and it’s so teenage typical.  I just really love it.

Also returning in this hour is Jacqueline Samuda who plays the Goa’uld, Nirrti. Samuda does a super job in this role.  I don’t like her character, but she’s good to watch.

Rite of Passage works pretty well.  There’s some good job within the plot to watch, including some bits with Richard Dean Anderson as Jack talking about chess and pawns.


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