India – Solar Energy Powerhouse of The Future

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As far as a view on the emerging markets for renewable form of energy is concerned, the focus is shifting sharply from Germany, which accounts for almost half the world market for solar energy and increased its solar energy production in 2010 by almost 8 GW ( Giga Watts), to Japan, China and Italy lately. Italy has increased its capacity by almost 100 % in 2010 thus making it top contender in the Solar Power Category Nations.

However, the pace of development in other European nations has slowed down lately, perhaps because of geographical reasons since the adequacy of sunlight forms a big factor while planning any large-scale installations. Due to this reason, certain places in the USA, like the California and the other Northern American States stand a good chance of making it to the list of Solar Energy zones.

The evaluation of the emerging markets has been traditionally been on the basis of favorable regulatory environment, current electricity demand and quality of the solar resource. But in the near future, countries that will adapt naturally to Solar Power would be the one’s that have low grid efficiency along with high energy imports as they will be more inclined to the ideas that encourage solar installations. Based on this fact, India with its geographically perfect positioning to tap solar energy, as well as its demand and supply gap is literally a potential hotspot for solar energy.

The Reasons for such an assessment are clear from these facts –

·        Enormous energy gap –  The rising middle class and its sheer numbers would make an impact on high demand, that would go up and become double by the year 2030. Presently,  almost 400 million Indians have no access to electricity. A huge chunk of this demand; almost 40 GW is estimated to be supplied by solar energy.

·        Poor grid infrastructure India’s poor grid infrastructure results in 30 percent of its electricity being lost during distribution. A large amount is also due to theft. This makes it a perfect contender for utility-size projects as well as smaller installations of solar power that can be used in off-grid population zones.

·        National Solar MissionThe successive Indian goverments have introduced lucerative cash grants for solar installations. A huge sum of $1 billion of has been allocated till 2013 to promote utility-scale plants of 1 GW. Besides this huge subsidies are offered on PV installations of 100 MW distribution capacity and off-grid installations of 200 MW capacity.

India’s solar market is therefore understandably heating up, and recently the country has sought 300 MW of solar bids in just one month alone!.


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