Black Ops Review

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As for me Black ops was an Decent game i enjoyed it very well, i loved the story-line even though i had some trouble understanding the story like i do not see how mason killed JFK because it showed him with a pistol so maybe mason was unsucessful but the other sleeper agents weren’t so i guess it wasn’t all a waste but i wish dragovitch had a better death like in world at war that ending for me was very awesome, and intense because you went threw all the dead bodies of friend’s and foe’s and then you hung that flag up was the icing of the whole game, and now for online/minigame’s I really do enjoy zombies it is very intresting with the story line that goes along with it, and combat training is much an improvement for me because no 12-year old camper’s or screaming over the microphone the only thing i would like differnt is we had the same kill streaks as online and as quick revive would be the same as on solo mode makes it much easier and even if your teammate fails you would still have a chance, and i would also like how when you die, you dont start out with a pistiol maybe a sub-machine gun, or atleast keep a perk, because really how are you gonna earn point’s with a pistiol yea they give you 1,500 point’s but what if you need to reload and like zombies are blocking your way there’s alot of stuff i would like to be changed hell even those 1,500 wont help you in later round’s because zombies will be too strong so keeping a perk would be good, but this game is a buy, so i would recommend it.


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